Self Assessment

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You must register for self- assessment within 3 months of commencing to trade as a business to avoid a penalty being incurred. Simply call HMRC to advise them and they will arrange to issue a UTR (unique tax reference) and register you for Class 2 National Insurance.

If you have just registered with HMRC, hopefully you are already dealing with us as your agents and we will be completing your self assessment return on your behalf in due course.

If,  however, you need to complete a self assessment return but are unsure how to go about it, we can register with HMRC as your agents and arrange to complete the return on your behalf.

Deadline 31st January
Tax returns are due for completion and submission by 31st January following the 5th April in the previous year. The main tax payment is also due by that date, although if you are already on self assessment you will be paying instalments on account in July and January which are set off against the final liability. It is always worthwhile submitting your tax return as soon as possible so that you know how much tax to pay. Submitting early does not bring forward the tax payment date, so get in touch with us now and arrange to get your accounts and tax return done before the deadline.

We can also provide other services such as bookkeeping, budgets and cash flows and general advice. Don’t wait until your tax return is due to contact us  or you could be missing out on some valuable advice.