Limited Company Accounts and Company Formations

Wondering if you should be trading as a limited company?

Have you ever wondered whether you should be trading as a limited company?

The answer is yes, possibly, but it depends!

It’s a good idea to discuss your thoughts with a professional before you take the plunge. Contact us for advice about whether this is right for you and if it is, then we can form a company for you and get you started.

Limited companies trade in a different manner to sole traders, but this can be an advantage, with the benefit of limited liability and the possibility of introducing more people to run the business with you.

That benefit does come with a special requirement to be publicly accountable by filing accounts with Companies House and with HMRC.

At Rightway Accounting, our special software will ensure that your accounts are in the correct format for both Companies House and HMRC.

By working with the directors to ensure that the company keeps proper records and complies with the law, our aim is to avoid the chances of unwelcome attention from Companies House and HMRC, and any potential penalties.

A limited company could be the right thing for you. Contact us for a further discussion today.


Already trading as a limited company?


We provide a one stop shop for a company’s finances. This includes:

  • Dividends
  • Salaries and payroll
  • Company accounts/on line filing
  • Corporation tax return
  • Bookkeeping and VAT
  • Self assessment returns for directors


You no longer need to have different people to operate all these functions.

Have it all under one roof at Rightway Accounting where we can operate as a mini accounts department and Chartered Accountant at the same time. Alternatively if you are comfortable with managing certain aspects of the company’s finances or already have someone on board, let us take on the areas that you find most time consuming or difficult, and we will work with you to ensure that everything is run smoothly.